M.Pen Pro with C.Prof

Who is M.Pen Pro for?

Treating lines and wrinkle appearance Acne scarring, trauma, surgical scars and marks Pigmentation disorders and Cosmelan maintenance Sagging skin concerns Double chin Stretch marks Cellulite, volume Hair Loss All skin types

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What are C.Prof solutions?

Bellus Beauty uses Mesoestetic’s meso.prof solutions. These are 100% sterile and contain active, pharmaceutical grade cocktails to treat different skin concerns. You will have a consultation first and your needs will determine which meso.prof cocktail will be used. For the face and hair, tailored serums inc Depigmentation, Photo-ageing, Facial Tightening and Hair Loss. For the [...]

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What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of epidermal micro-channels allowing active C.Prof ingredients to pass through the skin. The micro-punctures activate the release of growth factors and stimulate the wound healing process to produce collagen.

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What is M.Pen Pro?

m.pen pro is the new device developed to deliver spectacular results safely and effectively by Mesoestetic®. A rechargeable cordless micro-needling pen designed to optimise the effectiveness of active principles in the formulation of micro-channels produced by the microneedles, easily allowing absorption of the product into deeper layers of the skin.

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